Looking for a Franchise which is extremely efficient and provides maximum benefits for both parties?

Brand Loyalty and recall
Stable yet growing business model
Technical Knowledge and Expertise

When you INVEST in franchising, you DISINVEST in HITS & TRAILS Fore-runners in Franchise Network allows you to the pros of the BEST DEAL and as the franchise network expands, your individual business will also grow.

Industry statistics prove that success rates of franchises are significantly higher than those of individuals starting their own business concept.

The Choco Monarch Coffee Shop has been among the cafés with its strong USP of Chocolataria so much so that today it ranks in the top of Zomato surpassing all other Cafes.

Anyone who has visited Choco Monarch knows its specialty and USP. Hence, establishing brand recall factor will not be a problem.

Choco Monarch has an expertise of over 3 years in successfully running their business and leading in its vertical.
Choco Monarch will assist you in running your Mother kitchen.
Choco Monarch will assist in sourcing the machinery, manpower, food cost and wastage cost.
Choco Monarch will assist how to manage your CRM, Online Marketing and all the brand designing Choco Monarch has been leading in terms of consumer tastes as reflected on Zomato.
All season business without no lean period.
No learning or experimental curve.
This is a long term business with a solid foundation.

Technical Guidance for setting up of the Café.
Operating Guidance vide the operating manual for smooth functioning of the Café.
Operating Interface for daily operative assistance.
Sourcing of 3 M-Men, Management and Material.
Food Cost, standardization and Quality management.
Vendor Management vide CPR-Central Purchase Requisition.

Pre-commissioning Capitalization and Expenses.
Marketing & Maintenance expenses
Legal ownership of the business.
Legal, PR and Licensing Maintenance.
Government approvals.
Payment of all government duties, taxes and levies.

Kiosk Café
Café Model

One Time Non-Refundable Towards Utilization of our brand, Management and Operative Confidential Information, Recipe and Proprietary Information.

Initial Concept Planning, Resource management of all manpower & Material.
Pre- commissioning to commissioning direct supervision and implementation of all systems, and setups.

The Franchisee continuing Royalty Fee will be a recurring fixed % of the Gross Sales.

The Franchise agreement will be for 5 years.